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Our analysis will help make your website better

Website Analysis

Do you have a website, but it looks like something is not working the way it should? Are the results produced by the website not what you expected? Are the means and efforts invested in it not returning the investment? What you need is the website analysis service. A website’s content, design, or user interface will often need adjustments. The site may be faulty or slow, there is no SEO to speak of, and as a result the number of visitors is not growing. Every issue has objective causes, and it is our job to find and eliminate those. We will carry out a thorough website analysis and will bring your site back to life.

Why is website analysis necessary?

Improving the site content

The main attention of the site’s owner is often focused on the design, while the content is just as important. We can audit your texts, graphics, and videos.

Modernizing the design and user interface

A good website must have not only high-quality information filling, but also an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Our specialists will analyze the structure of your site’s content, the positioning and the logic of the main menu and of other page elements.

Fixing the technical problems

If the site produces errors, is slow or even not available at times, do not expect to develop your online business that way. Your visitors will prefer to use your competitors’ websites, and search engines will keep your ratings well below. Fortunately, all this can be fixed. Our audit will help discover the technical problems of the website or the hosting provider and fix the situation.

Raising the website traffic

As the quality of information on the website and the site’s design are improved and technical bugs are fixed, it will naturally lead to more traffic on the site. However, you also need to check how search-engine-friendly the site is and how well it is search-engine-optimized. Based on these factors we can decide if the website needs any additional actions as far as SEO-optimization goes.

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