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Turnkey website development

Website improvement

Do you have a website that needs additional improvements? Any project will inevitably grow out of date, its functions become lacking, while bugs grow in numbers. We offer additional website improvement services. If there is something you do not like in its current version, some pages or functions are lacking, or you are in need of a fresh design, we can do this. In case the improvement works appear to be more costly and labor-intensive than creating a new site, we will let you know about this and suggest creating a turnkey website. The choice is yours!

How website improvement works

Step 1: The Technical Audit of the Website

A detailed description of the Website Analysis service is in a corresponding section. We will run a thorough analysis of your website, of the capacity and the condition of the website’s core, its engine, as well as hosting. We will listen to your wishes and will suggest our own ideas how to make your site more efficient.

Step 2: The Project Roadmap and the Cost Estimates

After every necessary development target is agreed upon, we draw up job specifications, run the estimates of the required work, and set a deadline. Sometimes it turns out that it is inexpedient to keep on developing the old site (more difficult and expensive than making a new one from scratch); in this case making a turnkey website is what we usually suggest.

Step 3: Additional website improvement

We complete the entire scope of work included in the roadmap, keeping to the deadline and the highest quality requirements.

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