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Designing websites is our key skill. The core of our team are the web designers, creators and talented artists specializing on the visual packaging of companies for online environments. We favor smart design that allows the ideas to reach the target client with maximum efficiency. We uphold the golden ratio of usability and style. Below, you can have a look at the main stages of website development in our studio.

Stages of Website Development

Step 1: Getting to Know Your Company

Successful website design development starts with studying the goods and the services that your company offers. We also analyze the target pool of your potential clients and define the best imagery that can help to get the message about your services across in the most efficient manner.

Step 2: Designing a Website Template

At this stage, we begin working on design development. We select the color scheme, fonts, styles, and begin bringing to life the imagery we have settled on in Step 1. This is the most creative stage, where our designers soak in the values, the mission, and the principles of your company, expressing them in web design.

Step 3: Content Layout

After the template is ready and approved, we proceed to filling it with text, graphics, and videos the client has provided. All site sections get edited: info pages, the product catalog, news, feedback forms, and everything else. All work is done on a temporary address so that your clients would not have to see the "Website Under Construction" and the rest of the maintenance.

Step 4: Site Launch

At last the layout job is done, all editing finished, small bugs fixed, and the site is ready for launch. We transfer it to the main address. If you still have not bought a domain address and have no hosting, we can help you choose those and configure them for free. We will advise on where and what domain to buy, and will zero in on the server that is the most suitable for your type of a website. We will deal with all technical matters ourselves.
Website design


SEO for free

We offer a significant bonus to the clients who commissioned a website design from scratch. Completely for free, we will carry out the basic SEO of your new website, which will enable it to quickly start appearing in search engine query results. This gives you additional organic traffic and makes the task of further SEO-optimization significantly easier. We offer a double profit: you spend no additional money on SEO yet receive more new clients anyway.

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