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We ensure continuous and consistent work of your website

Website Maintenance

Even the most reliable mechanisms cannot run without maintenance. A website is no exception. We are ready to take on the entire range of tech support and maintenance activities on your website. This is an absolute necessity if you personally have no time or no skills to do that on your own. We will ensure that the information on your website is always up to date and the website is functioning at all times. See below a full list of website maintenance services that we have to offer.

What is included in website maintenance?

Regular content updates

Search engines lose interest towards a website that has no updates; the potential clients are also put off by a site like that. A website must have activity. We will coordinate with you any information additions or updates on the website: texts, images, videos, etc.

If you have no desire to write website texts yourself, we can take this job off your shoulders. Our copywriters can produce quality articles and news on the subject relevant to your business, while translators will, if need be, translate it to the languages you need.

Solving related technical issues

With time, a website not only becomes out of date content-wise but grows technically obsolete. The site’s core, its «engine» (CMS, or Content Management System) is what your website runs on. There are many such systems but every single one of them needs to be updated regularly. In addition to this, updates are also necessary for the various modules of your site. If this is not done, the site starts slowing down, bugs can start appearing, it can become vulnerable to hacker attacks. Besides that, various malfunctions on the site can happen in the process of site operation due to your webmaster’s mistakes. We will eliminate such occurrences and get your website back to fully functional.

Ensuring the security of the website and its data

Unfortunately, it is common to completely lose all data and the entire website. The hosting provider may be at fault, e.g. if equipment fails or the company simply ceases to exist. Or it can happen due to a hacker attack. One second can cost you everything you have spent years to build. So that it would not happen, we organize backup in such a way that you could always have a current backup copy of your website. We also analyze the website’s vulnerability to hacking and will eliminate the weaknesses.

Solving hosting issues

It often happens that poor hosting services are that one trivial obstacle to the successful development of your web project. If you have built a fantastic site but chosen a wrong hosting provider, do not expect good results. A ton of potential clients will be lost if your site is slow-loading or even frequently unavailable. Search engines also pay great attention to the load speed of your page, and if it is slow, you cannot hope to win the top positions in the rating. Choosing a hosting service is the aspect that is often overlooked, and yet it is one of the main factors in successfully developing your online business. This is why we have included this item in our website maintenance service. We will check the quality of your hosting provider and, if necessary, will find the best money-for-value option.

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